Celebrate with the sea


Welcome to the Fathom Lounge, the ultimate party destination on-board Angriya! Unleash the party animal within you at the lounge and complete your wonderful lounging experience with the bars here. It is certainly the most happening place on this vessel.

Bars at Fathom Lounge


Named after the surf on the wave, Sea Horse is a paradise for party lovers. If you are in the mood for some happening music as you party with the sea, drop in at the Sea Horse bar on-board Angriya. Groove to some amazing tunes, treat yourself to some yummy finger food, and dance away!


A name that originates from the famous Goan folklore "Yo baile yo, sorro maka di pailo", Sorro Di literally means 'Give me a drink'. What a beautiful way to raise a toast to the sea, isn't it? Welcome to the Sorro Di bar where you can tap your feet to music and dance as the waves rock you!