Taste the feeling of wow


Indulge in the best of mouth-watering Konkan delights, complimented by Continental, Italian, and Chinese cuisines at our restaurants as you savour stunning views of the sea. From the ambience to the variety of food, every detail will make you fall in love with it! Watch the waves, dig into your favourite dessert, and taste the feeling of wow on Angriya!
Our restaurants are an experience that is sure to please your taste buds and sea-loving soul.



Welcome to Ancora, the wonderful restaurant facing the Indian Sea!
This is the place where you enjoy great food, with a wonderful view of the sea. A huge real-life anchor rests in the front and adds grandeur to the restaurant's ambience. Its backdrop is a beautiful collage of different-coloured Goan sands that bring a vibrant vibe into the decor. That's not all! Steal sweet nothings with your loved ones, and make memories at the 24/7 Coffee Shop at Ancora. Say cheers to the sea, with the sea, and for the sea. Here's to food, conversations, and much more!

Coral Reef

Treat yourself to your favourite food at the Coral Reef and soak-in the aroma of freshly prepared delicacies. Gorgeously lit with a stunning menu, this restaurant is literally a cherry on the top. Play hide and seek with the waters, as you sit back and devour little glimpses of the Indian Sea through the portholes. It will be such a voyage full of wow, won't it?