Feel the wow of relaxation


Imagine getting yourself pampered as the sea welcomes you into its arms. The soothing breeze, the salty air, and the rippling waters are sure to wash off every worry from your mind.
We have complete relaxation planned for you on-board and at our "Dry Dock Spa" managed by Sohum Wellness to ensure you feel invigorated!


The Dry Dock Spa

It's time for rejuvenating full body massages to calm your senses at the wonderful "Dry Dock Spa". The concept of the "Dry Dock Spa" originates from the ship's activity of getting dented, painted, rejuvenated, and pampered as she rests on the dry dock after hours of sailing. Angriya welcomes you to a similar rejuvenating experience at the "Dry Dock Spa".
Indulge in some me-time here, recharge, beautify, and rejuvenate yourselves as you get ready for the voyage.

On-Board Pampering

Angriya has on-board spa therapies too, so you can refresh your being, relax your mind and body with our on-deck pampering. Indulge in invigorating foot and back massages by the deck as you feel absolutely recharged.
Give your spirit and body a boost of positivity as you soak-in the sunshine and get de-stressed by the pool, while the waves whisper sweet nothings!